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Date AM PM
16   Registration/Welcome party
17 Opening Lessons Learned ... Optical Configurations ...
18 Cryogenics Underground Coatings
19 QND, Squeezing Suspensions Banquet
20 Space antenna ET (I) ET (II)
21 Simulations Summary  

Sunday PM: May 16
4:00 -8:00 Registration / Welcome Party


Monday AM: May 17

7:30 - 10:00 Registration

Opening Session

Chair: K. Kuroda

8:00 K. Kuroda Welcome
8:05 F. Fidecaro (Pisa) Setting the Stage
8:30 Discussion
8:35 R. Adhikari (LIGO Caltech) Enhancing the 2nd generation interferometers
8:55 Discussion
9:00 B. Sathyaprakash (Cardiff) Ears wide open: Observing the Universe
with third generation GW detectors
9:25 Discussion

Lessons Learned While Commissioning Enhanced Detectors

Convenor: G. Gonzalez

9:30  M. Ohashi, S. Miyoki (ICRR) CLIO Introduction, Overview
9:40 Discussion
9:45 O. Miyakawa (ICRR) CLIO
9:57 Discussion
10:00 Break

10:30 D. Tatsumi (NAOJ) TAMA
10:42 Discussion
10:45 M. Evans (MIT) LIGO
11:05 Discussion
11:10 E. Calloni (Napoli) Virgo
11:30 Discussion
11:35 H. Grote (AEI) GEO
11:55 Discussion
12:00 Adjourn


Monday PM: May 17

Optical Configurations and Techniques

Convenor: A. Freise

4:00 K. Kawabe (LHO Caltech) LIGO experience with Co-linear IFOs
4:15 Discussion
4:20 M. Ando (Kyoto) Design of the LCGT interferometer observation band
4:40 Discussion
4:45 T. Saito (Tokyo) Local suspension point interferometer for CLIO
5:05 Discussion
5:10 A. Rocchi (INFN Roma Tor Vergata) Compensation of thermal effects in future detectors
5:25 Discussion
5:30 K. Somyia (LIGO Caltech) A fully cryogenic xylophone
5:45 Discussion
5:50 M. Edgar (Glasgow) Optical spring experiments at the Glasgow 10m
6:05 Discussion
6:10 Break

6:40 J. Miller (ANU) Digitally enhanced heterodyne wavefront sensing
for mirror auto-alignment
6:55 Discussion
7:00 D. Friedrich (AEI) Wave guide coatings and thermal noise
7:20 Discussion
7:25 K. Kokeyama (Birmingham) Filter cavities for third generation detectors
7:40 Discussion
7:45 F. Cavalier (LAL IN2P3/CNRS) Lock acquisition with auxiliary laser in CALVA
7:57 Discussion
8:00 Adjourn


Tuesday AM: May 18


Convenors: K. Kuroda, F. Ricci

8:00 W. Johnson (LSU) Cryogenic systems for optical interferometers
8:15 Discussion
8:20 D. Heinert (F-S Jena) Properties of candidate materials for cryogenic mirrors
8:35 Discussion
8:40 T. Uchiyama (ICRR) R&D of CLIO
9:05 Discussion
9:10 F. Ricci (Rome La Sapienza) Design of ET cryogenics
9:25 Discussion
9:30 E. Majorana (Rome) Anti-vibration methods for test-mass
9:45 Discussion
9:50 T. Suzuki (KEK) Contamination free vacuum system
10:05 Discussion
10:10 Break



Convenor: R. DeSalvo

10:30 J. Harms (Minnesota) Characterizing seismic-noise fields
10:50 Discussion
10:55 V. Mandic (Minnesota) Estimating Newtonian Noise due to Seismic
Motion in Underground Setting
11:15 Discussion
11:20 D. Rabeling (NIKHEF) Seismic measurements and GGN models for
M. Beker (NIKHEF) subterranean GW detectors.
11:40 Discussion
11:45 I. Bartos (Columbia) Precision, Wide Area, Globally Synchronized Timing
System for Gravitational Wave, Neutrino and
Other Underground Detectors
12:05 Discussion
12:10 R. Takahashi (NAOJ) Behavior of an inverted pendulum in the Kamioka mine
12:30 Discussion
12:35 Adjourn


Tuesday PM: May 18


Convenors: G. Harry, R. Flaminio

4:00 M. Abernathy (Glasgow) Overview of coating loss measurements at Glasgow
4:15 Discussion
4:20 I. Martin (Glasgow) Structural measurements and modelling of coatings
using TEM data
4:35 Discussion
4:40 M. Prato (INFN Genova) Status of CoaCh: Coating Characterization project
4:55 Discussion
5:00 J. Franc (LMA-CNRS) Mirrors for the Einstein Telescope
5:15 Discussion
5:20 A. Freise (Birmingham) Beam shaping for thermal noise reduction;
advantages in using Laguerre-Gauss modes
5:35 Discussion
5:40 M. Granata (APC-CNRS) Generation of high-order Laguerre-Gaussian modes
with diffractive optics
5:55 Discussion
6:00 Break

6:20 I. Pinto (Sannio) Mixture Theory Approach for
Coating Materials Optimization
6:35 Discussion
6:40 S. Ballmer (NAOJ/Caltech) Thoughts on optimizing coating thermal noise
6:55 Discussion
7:00 S. Gossler (AEI) Khalili cavities for the AEI 10m Prototype Interferometer
7:15 Discussion
7:20 Y. Aso (Tokyo) Measuring coating thermal noise at low temperatures
with cryogenic sapphire cavities
7:35 Discussion
7:40 K. Yamamoto (AEI) Coating thermal noise in cryogenic experiments
7:55 Discussion
8:00 Adjourn


Wednesday AM: May 19

QND, Squeezing

Convenor: Y. Chen

8:00 A. Khalaidovski (AEI) Squeezing experiments at AEI
8:20 Discussion
8:25 C. Mow-Lowry (ANU) Squeezing Experiments at ANU
8:45 Discussion
8:50 T. Mori (GSFS, Tokyo) Radiation-Pressure Experiment at NAO
9:05 Discussion
9:10 K. Yamamoto (AEI) Radiation-Pressure Experiment at AEI
9:25 Discussion
9:30 C. Zhao (UWA) Radiation-Pressure Experiment at UWA
9:45 Discussion
9:50 Break

10:10 T. Corbitt (MIT) Squeezing/Radiation-Pressure at MIT
10:30 Discussion
10:35 T. Briant (LKB, UPMC) QND experiments at Kastler-Brossel
10:55 Discussion
11:00 H. Miao (UWA) Strategies for testing Macroscopic
Quantum Mechanics in Laser Interferometer
Gravitational-wave Detectors
11:20 Discussion
11:25 F. Khalili (MSU) Pass-through Mach-Zehnder topology for
quantum measurements
11:45 Discussion
11:50 S. Danilishin (MSU) QND techniques for advanced GW detectors
12:10 Discussion
12:15 K. Somiya (Waseda) Ponderomotive amplifier to reduce shot noise
12:10 Discussion
12:35 Adjourn


Wednesday PM: May 19


Convenors: S. Braccini, S. Rowan

4:00 V.Mandic (Minnesota) Compact low-frequency pendula chains
for horizontal attenuation
4:15 Discussion
4:20 R. DeSalvo (Caltech) Low Frequency Young's modulus noise
and methods to make elastic materials honest
4:35 Discussion
4:40 S.Braccini (Pisa) Virgo Superattenuators in next generation antennas
4:55 Discussion
5:00 S.Reid (Glasgow) Silicate bonding of silicon for use in the
suspensions of future detectors
5:15 Discussion
5:20 C.Schwarz (Jena) Losses in silicon surfaces relevant for
suspension elements in future detectors
5:35 Discussion
5:40 R.Nawrodt (Jena) Thermal noise in the monolithic final stage
5:55 Discussion
6:00 N.Lockerbie (Strathclyde) Violin Mode Sensing and Electrostatic
Actuators for Advanced LIGO
6:15 Discussion
6:20 Adjourn

8:00   Banquet


Thursday AM: May 20

Space Antennae

Convenor: S. Kawamura

8:00 O. Jennrich (ESA) LISA
8:20 Discussion
8:25 P. McNamara (ESA) LISA Pathfinder status and ground testing results
8:45 Discussion
8:50 G. Heinzel (AEI) Application of GW technology to other space missions
9:10 Discussion
9:15 J. Camp (NASA) Paths to the LISA laser
9:35 Discussion
9:40 P. Bender (JILA) ALIA Design Requirements and Science Objectives
10:00 Discussion
10:05 Break

10:30 M. Ando (Kyoto U.) Space Gravitational-Wave Antenna DECIGO
W. Kokuyama (U.Tokyo)
10:55 Discussion
11:00 Wei-Tou Ni ASTROD optimized for Gravitational
(Nat'l Tsing Hua U) Wave detection: ASTROD-GW
11:20 Discussion

ET (I)

Convenor: H. Lueck

11:25 M. Punturo (INFN Perugia) Introduction to ET
11:40 Discussion
11:45 J. van den Brand (NIKHEF) Einstein Telescope: requirements for infrastructure
12:05 Discussion
12:10 Adjourn


Thursday PM: May 20


Convenor: H. Lueck

4:00 D. Rabeling (NIKHEF) An evaluation of site candidates for ET
4:25 Discussion
4:30 M. Hendry (Glasgow) Multimessnger astronomy with ET
4:55 Discussion
5:00 Benoit Mours (Annecy) Report on ET Trade studies:
science potential and sensitivity
5:25 Discussion
5:30 Break

6:00 R. Nawrodt (F-S Jena) Thermal Noise and Material Issues for ET
6:25 Discussion
6:30 A. Freise (Birmingham) Construction of the ET optical layout
6:55 Discussion
7:00 S. Hild (Glasgow) Deconstruction of the ET optical layout
7:25 Discussion
7:30 Adjourn


Friday AM: May 21

Simulations for Future Interferometers

Convenor: H. Yamamoto

8:00 K. Arai (LIGO Caltech) Simulated Plant Approach
8:20 Discussion
8:25 M. A Arain (UFL) Incorporating thermal effects
in Interferometric Simulations
8:40 Discussion
8:45 l. Barsotti (MIT) Advanced LIGO design and simulation tools
9:05 Discussion
9:10 M. Galimberti (LMA) Mirror requirements for future gravitational
wave detectors
9:30 Discussion
9:35 M. Evans (MIT) Simulations for Future Ground-Based GW Detectors
10:00 Discussion
10:05 Break

10:30 A. Freise (Birmingham) Simulations for ET
10:55 Discussion

Plans for Future Meetings

Chair: F. Fidecaro

11:00 Discussion

Workshop Summary

Chair: S. Whitcomb 

11:30 S.Kawamura and M.Zucker Summary and Hilights 
11:55 Discussion
12:00 Adjourn