2nd Korea - Japan Workshop on KAGRA

The 2nd Korea - Japan workshop was held on May 28 and 29 at the ICRR, the University of Tokyo.


  • Committees

  • Scientific Advisory Committee
    Takaaki Kajita
    Ichiro Nakatani
    Hyung Mok Lee
    Donghyun Cho
    Scientific Organizing Committee
    Seiji Kawamura
    Norikatsu Mio
    Tai Hyun Yoon
    Hyung Won Lee

    Local Organizing Committee
    Seiji Kawamura
    Kazuaki Kuroda
    Ryu Takahashi
    Shinji Miyoki
    Masatake Ohashi
    Kazuhiro Yamamoto
    Rie Kikuchi
    Chihiro Tokoku


  • Participants

  • Masaki Ando (Kyoto University)
    Yoichi Aso (University of Tokyo)
    Dan Chen (ICRR)
    Kyuman Cho (Sogang University)
    Riccardp Desalvo (University of Sannio at Benevento)
    Daniel Friedrich (ICRR)
    Kazuhiro Hayama (NAOJ)
    Eiichi Hirose (ICRR)
    Yosuke Ito (RESCEU, University of Tokyo)
    Takaaki Kajita (ICRR)
    Seiji Kawamura (ICRR)
    Kazuaki Kuroda (ICRR)
    Hyung Won Lee (Inje University, Department of Computer Aided Science)
    Norikatsu Mio (University of Tokyo)
    Shinji Miyoki (ICRR)
    Ichiro Nakatani (ICRR)
    Sang Hoon Oh (National Institute for Mathematical Sciences (NIMS))
    Masatake Ohashi (ICRR)
    Yusuke Sakakibara (ICRR)
    Kentaro Somiya (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    Edwin Jaeju Son (National Institute for Mathematical Sciences (NIMS))
    Hideyuki Tagoshi (Osaka University)
    Ryutaro Takahashi (ICRR)
    Linqing Wen (University of Western Australia)
    Kazuhiro Yamamoto (ICRR)
    Tai Hyun Yoon (Korea University, Department of Physics)


  • Program
  • Program


  • Registration
  • In order to register the workshop, please send the following form by e-mail by May 17th (JST) to kjinfo @ gw.icrr.u-tokyo.ac.jp.

    Subject: 2nd KJ-workshop Registration

    E-mail address:
    Affiliation postal address:
    Accomodation request for the Kashiwa dormitory (please select the date): 5/27, 28, 29 or No thank you
    Banquet: Yes or No


  • Venue
  • The Large Seminar Room on the 6th Floor of the ICRR Building
    Access to ICRR (University of Tokyo, Kashiwa Campus)



  • Wi-Fi Information
  • A Wi-Fi network is available at the Large Seminar Room. Please set Wi-Fi parameters as follows,
    ESSID : 00icrr-11g/b
    WEP : icrap

    For Windows 7 Users:
    (1) Control Pannel ---> Network and Internet ---> Network and Share Center.
    (2) Click "Wireless Network Management" in the left row.
    (3) Add a network name --->00icrr-11g/b", security ---> WEP, security key ---> icrap


  • Accommodations
  • We would be happy to assist your reservations at our Kashiwa-campus domitory.

    Room Rate: 2500 yen/night (Single occupancy only, Excluding meals)


  • Banquet
  • Date: 18:00 May 28, 2012
    Place: "Hassai" which is located in LaLaport Kashiwanoha, a large shopping mall.
               (25 minutes walk or 13 minutes by bus, from ICRR)
    Style: Buffet Style, Japanese Macrobiotic Food (Vegetarian menu available.)
    Fee: Staff=3500 yen, Students=2500 yen (We collect fee before the banquet.)

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